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Working hard to build great websites.

We do website design and we are very good at it!

Working hard to build great websites.

We do website design and we are very good at it!

What we do

Webfactor provides a first class website design and hosting service.

Website design

Website Design

Designing and implementing a high performance website is not something you can realistically do yourself. It takes years to learn the art and even then, you need to constantly strive to learn more. There are no short-cuts or easy ways!

Website hosting

Website Hosting

A website needs to have a home. This is on a computer called a server as it "serves" webpages. Managing this is called hosting and you normally pay monthly or yearly to rent a space for your website on a server.

Domain name management.

Domain Management

Domains are names (www.mydomain.co.nz for example) that you own and pay a yearly fee for. Webfactor will manage all of this for you, including renewals, resolving technical issues and much more.

SEO - Google sign.

Google Optimisation

Google is not the only search engine but it is by far the most used. You must be "on" Google and quite prominent if you want your website to work well. Ranking well on Google is actually the toughest part for any website owner.

Why Choose Us

100% NZ. Websites designed, built and hosted in NZ.


We’ve been in operation for over 25 years so we really do know how to build good websites.

100% NZ

Your website will be built by New Zealanders, hosted in NZ and looked after by NZ’ers. 


Webfactor have very reasonable prices for such high performance websites.


Operating 7 days a week, we answer e-mails promptly and always give 110%

Website designing.

About Our Business

We started building websites in 1997 and since then have designed and looked after just over 400 websites. Our success has been based on giving the best possible service at affordable prices.

Word-of-mouth recommendations have provided a steady stream of new clients and we’ve not widely advertised our services.  We’d sooner properly look after our valuable existing  clients than endlessly hunt for new ones.

Client Testimonials

'Thank you so much for sorting our website, you did everything you said you would- and so much more! It has been a great pleasure working with you and I really appreciate the ongoing support
'Ken built and has taken care of the website for my small Motor Camp business since 2005. He is easily accessible and responsive. Highly recommended...'
ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT !!!!!! So easy to get around and an interesting read, out where all can see. Thank you again!”

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