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Web design

Each time, starting from a blank page, we design websites for clients after listening carefully to any preferences and requirements. After building so many websites over the past two plus decades we usually get things right!

It’s then a process of fine-tuning and making sure all the underlying structure is correct to the finest detail. These details may not be visible but are where our websites start to out-perform others. And it’s here too that a lot of time is spent.

Web Hosting

We host our clients websites on our NZ server which helps to ensure faster websites. Off-shore hosting, although it may be a little cheaper, always brings a performance hit.  And trying to deal with a foreign hosting company can be an especially unpleasant experience. 

Our server provides the full range of features. Most are included free, with just a few sometimes required, that entail a slight extra monthly cost.  


Webfactor can help with domains. Help with choosing the right name (not a simple as it sounds), to registration, setting up on the server and installing the free SSL and any e-mail accounts needed. We do all this for free! And we make sure that the annual fee is paid, the registrant details are always correct and deal with any issues that might occur.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is something we take very seriously. It’s important for a website to rank well, especially on Google but also on Bing. SEO involves a lot of invisible work but some you can see. There are many (over 200) factors to consider when optimising a website. We’ve been doing this since long before Google came on the scene and know a lot about what to do and what to avoid. 


The text that is on your website pages is very important. It’s highly preferable that it’s written by someone that understands Google, Bing et. al. We include basic copywriting service as part of our service but if you prefer, we can use the services of a professional we have worked with for many years. However we prefer to receive your desired text and then optimise it for the search engines. 


High quality images are a vital part of any good website. We like to receive plenty of hi-res photos, artwork, logos etc., especially those done by professionals. We can source images on the web but it’s preferable to use images of your own enterprise. In saying that, most of the images on this website are free, on-line examples from UnSplash.com


Sometimes an existing website needs to be built again from scratch. It’s usually better than trying to fix an old one and will probably be cheaper. We do this all the time. In fact the last four websites we’ve done have all been rebuilds, even although none of them were old or ugly. However underneath the “look” they were all terrible. Wix, SquareSpace and Shopify sites are  the main ones we are re-building all the time.


All the websites we now build are made with WordPress. There are many reasons for this as is evidenced by the fact that over 40% of all CMS websites in the world use the WordPress CMS platform. It’s a free platform, it can be used for almost any type of website and the online support and help is phenomenal.

An extra Benefit

We listen!

We’ve been in business a long time. Long enough to know that we don’t know everything. Unlike most “digital agencies” we don’t immediately assume we understand your business (unless it’s in webdesign!). 

So we listen to you and learn as much as we can, before the time clock starts.

His Masters Voice

Client Testimonials

I've used Ken's services for nearly two decades and can't speak highly enough of his abilities which cover a broad spectrum. He's a 'can do' type of guy that is willing to explore unknown territory and we couldn't be happier with the quality of his work. We highly recommend Webfactor and look forward to another decade of working with Ken.
Quite simply, we couldn't be happier with the work Ken has done for us. He uses his initiative to constantly improve our site and offers constructive suggestions. We have met up with Ken on several occasions to go over things and his dedication to his clients is obvious. We have had many, many compliments from people all over the world about our website and how easy it is to view, a testament to his abilities.
Annette & Peter
When we first started looking at putting together a website we contacted a few different companies. Ken stood out head and shoulders from the rest, he was informative, helpful and had great ideas. We love our website and our customers always comment on how quick it is to load (really important for customers with slower internet!) and how easy it is to get around. Ken is so approachable and nothing is a problem. Thank you so much Ken for the great service!

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